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This is a forum for playing the Serenity RPG by Margaret Weis based in Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity universe.
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Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:06 pm by Mr. Universe

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 Lesson One: Intro

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PostSubject: Lesson One: Intro   Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:06 pm

This section if a brief overview of a lot of information, all of which will be described in greater detail in later lessons. Dont be overwhelmed! Character creation is a process. Follow the lessons and all will fall into place.  

When creating your character, keep in mind you will be a member of a ships "crew". Though you will be able to round your character out to be anything you want, it will be best to base your character around an archetype that is appropriate for a ships crew member. A brief list of suggestions you certainly are not limited to include:

  • Captain

  • Pilot

  • Mechanic

  • Security/Muscle

  • Cook

  • Doctor

  • Ambassador/ Socialite

      These are just suggestions on the most obvious roles you could play as a crew member.

      The first step in creating your character will be to spend attribute points, or AP to choose your traits and attributes, you start with 42 AP to be distributed between both your traits, and attributes.

      Traits- Traits consist of Complications and Assets. Each of which can be either Minor, or Major. A Minor Complication grants you 2 AP to be spent elsewhere, as where a Major Complication grants you 4 AP. A Minor Asset costs 2 AP, and a Major Asset costs 4 AP.
      You must have at least one complication and one asset, but no more than five from each category.

      Attributes- Your Attributes consist of: Agility, Strength, Vitality, Intelligence, and Willpower.

      The cost of each attribute level is directly related to the dice you will use to roll that attribute. For example, a character of average strength will spend 6 AP in strength to use a d6. A body builder will spend 12 AP to use a d12 on strength rolls.

Skills- Skills are purchased in much the same way as traits and attributes. You have 62 Skill points to spend and the cost of the skill is directly related to the die you will roll. Each skill is broken into two categories, general and specialized. Any skill up to a d6 is general, any skill past a rating of d6 becomes specialized.

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Lesson One: Intro
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